Articace facilitates the bringing together of You and a better world. We forge partnerships with Nonprofit Foundations to increase public awareness of their goals, work and achievements.



About Us

The Challenges

The non-profit organizations around the world face some basic challenges:


  • Increasing the financial resources to support their plans



  • Raise awareness about their causes and projects 


  • Engaging and maintaining committed to supporters, volunteers and donors 

Our Answer

We seek long-term commitment between nonprofit foundations and colleagues:

  • We design products and services


  • We develop digital marketing channels


  • We generate social marketing strategies through media and technology

Mónica Artis and Cecilia Sprecace, Founders of Articace


We develop products with a cause to spread social messages


We support social foundations, representing various causes to design and market products that allow you to generate revenue to support its institution. For this we offer support in several areas: 

We create and manifacture the accesory with the message of the foundation 

We develop the digital marketing estrategy and sales channels 

 After sales campaigns and develompment of volunteer database


The goal is to identify the causes of Foundations, spread their message and generate more contributors


The things you buy, the accessories you use can make a difference



Inspired by the work of the Pies descalzos Foundation, founded by the Colombian singer Shakira, the Articace team designed the Pies Descalzos bracelet.

 The sale of the Pies Descalzos bracelet aims to raise funds to support the work of the foundation. In your hands is the change, buy a bracelet and help change the life of a child.



Nonprofit Foundations & Companies

We'd love to hear your ideals, dreams and goals, as a first step to forge an alliance and work together for a better world.


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